Steel villa projects have become more and more preferred systems in recent times due to the development of contemporary architecture, the desire of people to live a spacious life and earthquake threat.
Its practicality in construction, its stability and long life compared to reinforced concrete and folklore have increased the interest of people in steel villa projects. Steel villa projects against reinforced concrete construction works for months are completed in a very short time.
The new mode is much more advantageous in terms of price compared to the cold figures paid for 1 + 0 or 1 + 1 studios apartments. Both monetary and settlement areak ...
Steel villa projects have many advantages compared to concrete.
- Steel structures are very light compared to concrete. This is an important advantage against earthquake loads.
- Excavation costs are very low.
- Steel elements have much more flexible structure than concrete. Strength is much higher in possible earthquake and ground movements.
- Requires quality workmanship. This reduces manufacturing errors to a minimum.
- There is no measurement error due to preliminary construction of steel structures.
- Steel structures have smaller sections than concrete. Use of the field is increased.
- It is advantageous to pass without column when wide use area is required in wide opening design.
- Easily assembled as well as demountable.
- Remodeling or repair is quite easy.
- Additions or revisions to be made later can be done very easily.
- Modern designs, wide openings, steel designs in small sections provide indispensable convenience.
- Steel constructions should be well insulated. If new generation coating materials are not applied, heat insulation problems may occur.
- Coating of steel materials should be done according to usage areas. Superior protection can be achieved by making thick micron and special paint or galvanized coating.

Villa Models

TERAS 35 Villa's

The project in Kemalpaşa-Çiniliköy consists of 55 villas. The contractor of the project is AKSAN A.Ş.

Emre BELÖZOĞLU Villa Project

Evrim Şahin Meredith Hotel Project

Ahmet ŞEKER Villa Project